Pulp of nopal (prickly pear)

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Powerful natural juice concentrate, 500 ml

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Powerful natural fruit pulp


Biotona Bio Nopal cactus consists of the pulp of the oblong fruits of the prickly pear ( Opuntia ficus-indica ). They are first cleared of their prickly bark and seeds before being reduced to a fine dark orange purée. The organic way of cultivation and the artisanal process make it possible to preserve the exotic taste so typical, both soft and refreshing. Biotona Bio Nopal cactus is a delicious supplement that fits perfectly into a healthy and balanced diet.


500 ml


puree of prickly pear ( Opuntia ficus-indica ) (> 99%), acidifier: concentrated lemon juice * (<1%). * organic farming

  • Natural product whose color, taste and appearance may vary. Shake well before use and store in refrigerator after opening.


Biotona Jus

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