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Biotona Bio Tea Black, 90 g

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100% organic powder


Biotona Bio Black Tea is the most popular tea all over the world. Like green tea, it is produced from the leaves of the tea tree ( Camellia sinensis ). The tea leaves are rolled up and fragmented before being oxidized under strictly controlled conditions. This fermentation gives this tea its black-brown color. In order to stop this oxidation process, the sheets are then dried before being reduced to a fine powder. This traditional method of treatment and the organic method of production make it possible to obtain a tea of ​​excellent quality, with a pronounced taste and which is preserved over time.


Add 70-100 ml of hot water (at 80 ° C, just below the boiling point) to a 1/2 teaspoon (or 2 spoons of bamboo scoop) in a bowl of Biotona Bio Black Tea and whisk the mixture (with a bamboo whisk) to obtain a homogeneous and foamy liquid. Can also be used in smoothies and shakes.


90 g


Black tea powder * ( Camellia sinensis ) (100%). * organic farming

  • Contains caffeine, is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.


Thé noir et blanc

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