Matcha Extra Premium Tea

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Biotona Bio Extra Premium Matcha, 90 g

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100 % organic powder


Matcha Premium Special Biotona Bio is a sophisticated green tea native of Japan. Ancestral prestigious speciality in the Japanese culture of the tea, he was formerly booked for the elite. The Matcha consists exclusively of young sheets of the tea plant, handpicked traditionally at the beginning of May. Four weeks before this first harvest, the bushes of tea are covered with a cover to put them in the shade and intensify so the wealth of their composition. The collected sheets are then ground between two granite stones to obtain an ultrafine powder of emerald green color. The mode of biological culture and the craft treatment make of this tea a food health for the delicious taste "umami".


Add in a bowl 70-100 ml of hot water (in 80 °C, just under the boiling point) in one 1/2 coffee spoon (or 2 spoons of bailer in bamboo) of Matcha Premium Extra Biotona Bio and whip the mixture (with a whip in bamboo) to obtain a homogeneous and sparkling liquid. Can also be used in smoothies and shakes.

Packaging 90 g

Ingredients green tea Matcha* (Camellia sinensis) (100 %) of Japan. *culture biological

Contains some caffeine, is not recommended for the children, the pregnant and breast-feeding women.



The Biotona - Matcha

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