Spirulina raw powder

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Spirulina Raw, 200 g

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100% raw powder


Spirulina is a saltwater seaweed that is bluish-green and spiral-shaped, used for more than a millennium as a food resource. This seaweed contains a real treasure of phytonutrients and is the most concentrated source of protein that is known today (up to 70%). Spirulina supports shape and vitality in general. Biotona Bio Spirulina Raw is made from 100% organic algae. After harvesting, these algae are dehydrated by a superior drying process which guarantees the preservation of their nutritional value.


add Biotona Bio Spirulina Raw in your smoothies and shakes in combination with fruit juices or other super foods, or simply in milk (vegetable), yoghurt or a little water. Do not hesitate to experiment by cooking to add to your dishes a touch of health. • Store in a cool, dry place away from light. • Ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


200 g


Spirulina * powder ( Spirulina platensis / maxima ) (100%) from China. * organic farming



Biotona Chlorella Spirulina

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