Biotona Bio Moringa Raw

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Biotona Bio Moringa Raw, 200 g

The ideal food source because it is the most complete in the world

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100% raw powder


Biotona Bio Moringa Raw comes from the leaves of Moringa oleifera , a fast-growing tree that grows in the dry and sandy soils of (sub) tropical areas of India and Africa. Almost all parts of the tree are fit for consumption, which justifiably earned him the nickname "miraculous tree". Even in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, moringa is cited as a natural remedy that can be applied to many diseases. Moringa was recently rediscovered by science and the Western world, which have cataloged it as the most complete nutritive source on earth. Moringa leaves have an extensive nutritional profile, are rich in protein and contain a real treasure of phytonutrients. Biotona Moringa is 100% Moringa leaves from Africa which, after harvesting and thorough washing, are dehydrated in the open air and in the shade to preserve all their nutritional value.


Add Biotona Bio Moringa Raw to your smoothies and shakes in combination with fruit juices or other super foods, or simply in milk (vegetable), yoghurt or a little water. Do not hesitate to experiment by cooking to add to your dishes a touch of health • Keep in a cool, dry and sheltered place.


200 g


powder of moringa leaves ( Moringa oleifera ) (100%) from Malawi / Senegal / Zambia.

(* organic farming )



Biotona Moringa

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