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Biotona Bio Supergreens, 20x10 g

The ultimate boost of green energy


100% raw powder


Biotona Supergreens Bio Raw is a superior blend of super best organic green food and raw! It contains 100% green foods that each bring a wide range of phytonutrients and nutritional substances naturally present. Biotona Supergreens contains wheat grass, oat, alfalfa, kamasan khorasan and barley powder. In addition to these grassy cereals, the mixture also contains chlorella and spirulina, two super algae which, because of their nutritional composition rich in protein, constitute a complete and optimal food resource. It also contains lyophilized powder of broccoli, kale and spinach, overflowing with precious materials for the body. A duo of seaweed from Scotland (fucus and seaweed, the two sea vegetables called Seagreens®), each of which has a unique and complex nutritional profile, completes the formula. With the addition of Japan Matcha 100% pure green tea, watercress grown in spring water and, last but not least, Moringa oleifera leaves, the "tree of life" with multiple virtues.


Add Biotona Bio Supergreens Raw to your smoothies and shakes in combination with fruit juices or other super foods, or simply in milk (vegetable), yoghurt or a little water. Do not hesitate to experiment by cooking to add to your dishes a touch of health • Keep in a cool, dry and sheltered place.




Powder (100%) of barley grass juice *, wheat grass juice *, oat grass * juice, moringa *, KAMUT ® khorasan grass juice, Matcha * alfalfa *, kale *, spinach *, broccoli *, chlorella *, spirulina *, Seagreens ® algae seaweed *, Seagreens ® alga fucus *, watercress * . * organic farming **

(Hordeum vulgare, Triticum aestivum, Avena sativa, Moringa oleifera, Triticum turgidum, Camellia sinensis, Medicago sativa, Brassica oleracea acephala, Spinacia oleracea, Brassica oleracea botrytis cymosa, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Spirulina platensis, Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus vesiculosus, Nasturtium officinale )

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Biotona Superboost

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