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Biotona Bio Skin food Raw Inner health, 200 g

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100% raw powder


Biotona Bio Skin Food Raw is a synergistic blend of 35 superfoods! Biotona Skin food contains raw powder of aloe vera gel, nettle, sea buckthorn and turmeric, for the health of the skin. Lyophilized powders of gotu kola and large nettle contribute to cutaneous irrigation. The formula of Biotona Skin food is complemented by matcha, and by bilberry that provide a fresh complexion and stimulate cellular regeneration. Powdered pineapple, kale, cocoa, goji, whole pomegranate, purple corn, papaya, beetroot, rosehip and tomato, and the 4 powders of mushroom mycelia and lyophilized powders of the best superbaies boost the synergistic power of the mixture! All ingredients are 100% organic and powdered by a process that completely preserves the naturally occurring (phyto) nutrients.


add Biotona Bio Skin Food Raw to your smoothies and shakes in combination with fruit juices or other super foods, or simply in milk (vegetable), yoghurt or a little water. Do not hesitate to experiment by cooking to add to your dishes a touch of health. • Store in a cool, dry place away from light. • Ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


200 g


powder (100%) of goji *, pineapple *, sea buckthorn *, tomato *, pomegranate *, blueberry *, purple corn *, acerola *, gotu kola * matcha *, kale *, nettle *, red beet *, cocoa *, rose hip, * turmeric *, aloe vera *, raspberry *, blackberry *, maqui * strawberry *, currant *, elderberry *, aronia *, blackcurrant *, black mulberry *, maitake *, shiitake *, hericium *, reishi *, camu camu * , cranberry *. * organic farming

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Biotona Skinfood

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