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Biotona Bio Cocoa Powder, 200 g

A delicious snack packed with antioxidants, to consume without moderation!

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100% raw


Biotona Organic Cocoa Powder comes from the beans of Theobroma cacao, a tree that grows on the fertile soils of South American forests. Cocoa was originally used by the Aztecs and Mayans during ritual ceremonies. It was then introduced into Europe by the Spanish colonists. Biotona raw cocoa powder is made from 100% organic Arriba cocoa beans from shrubs growing in Ecuador on volcanic soil rich in minerals. The powder is obtained by a craft process of cold pressing from fermented beans and dried in the sun. This process results in a 100% pure and raw cocoa powder, unmodified, unsweetened and containing all its natural phytonutrients. A product of exceptional quality, both tastefully and nutritionally, for true connoisseurs!


Add Biotona Organic Cocoa Powder to hot milk, sweetened with stevia, agave or rice syrup or any other sweetener. Also try in combination with other super-foods in a delicious smoothie or as an ingredient in your dishes and pastries • Store in a cool, dry and sheltered place.


200 g


cocoa powder * ( Theobroma cacao ) (100%)

(* organic farming )



Biotona Bio Cacao Nibs & Powder

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